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CE's: Continuing Education
(& other teaching opportunities)

(for WA LMTs & DOH Professionals 4 hrs*)

* Classes can be taken by ANYONE, doesn't necessarily have to be a LMT.  All DOH professionals get CE credits. 4 hr class can be done with or without ethics*

Cannabis? Wait, is that legal for massage? What happens if a client asks me to use a crème they have that has cannabis in it during their massage? Will I get in trouble and will it affect me if I use it? What the heck is CHABA? Why am I suddenly seeing discussions about this on social media and how do I navigate all of this and not get myself in hot water?

If you haven’t noticed, we’re currently in what some refer to as a “green rush” here in Washington State. The cannabis movement is happening and happening fast and we need to keep up and be informed. The conversation is changing from the old school of thought to a more open view of cannabis and these products are nudging their way into our treatment rooms, but is that okay? And, more importantly, what are our risks?

CHABA stands for Cannabis Health and Beauty Aid and CHABA topicals are legal for us to use and can be beneficial, but do I want to use them and where do you get them? Want to open a cannabis spa and be on top of this green movement? Sorry, but that’s a big no, no in Washington.
This class is designed to provide licensed massage therapists in Washington State with the tools and knowledge they need to stay out of trouble, and understand what can be used legally, as well as the benefits of these products. This fun and SUPER informative course will help you:

• Understand the history of cannabis law in Washington State
• Understand the current rules and regulations around the use of these products
• Maintain safe roles and boundaries with clients
• Understand the basics of CHABA/cannabis and its benefits
• Identify legal CHABA products available in Washington State
• Help you speak confidently about the topic to your clients/patients

Your instructor, Jennifer Chan, has been a massage therapist for 11 years and has been researching this topic since 2011. Jennifer is the first CHABA massage therapist out of the green closet here in Washington State and helped bring to create the current CHABA law here. As a member of N.O.R.M.L. Women of WA, an organization that concentrates on normalization, education and outreach regarding cannabis, Jennifer has been involved in a variety of educational efforts around cannabis and CHABA products here in WA state. This class was designed to educate her fellow LMTs, Dept of Health Professionals,  and also meets CE requirements for WA medical consultants in the 502 system.

Instructor: Jennifer Chan, LMT, BCTMB (MA#60324770)
FAQ including CE CLASS cancellation policy can be found here

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2018 Classes:

1/8/2018  Everett - 2 hour presentation at the Snohomish County Massage Therapists Network monthly meeting 615-915pm.

                               at the EVERETT PUD BUILDING, 2320  California St, Everett, WA 98201-3750

1/14/2018  Vancouver -  Vancouver Body Mechanics (7723 NE Fourth Plain Blvd, Vancouver.) 11am-3pm

1/21/2017 Arlington (Denton Massage School -thanks!) 11am-3pm

1/28/2018    Olympia/Tumwater - Olympia Body Mechanics School 11am-3pm

3/11/2018      Vancouver - Body Mechanics School 11am-3pm 

4/8/2018       Tumwater (Best Western) 11am-3pm 


4/15/2018   Arlington (Denton Massage School) 11am-3pm -

4/17/2018   Bellevue (Yuan Spa) 9am-1pm  **(SOLD OUT)**

4/22/2018     Seattle (Ballard) - 11am-330pm  --> (SOLD OUT)

5/20/2018     Tumwater Body Mechanics School  11am-3pm

5/29/2018      Wenatchee (Douglas PUD) - 5pm-9pm 

6/15/2018    VANCOUVER BODYMECHANICS SCHOOL vendor fair - discounts on CHABA!!!

6/23/2018     Port Angeles (First Presbyterian Church of Port Angeles) 11am-3pm 

6/24/2018     Bellevue (Bellevue Massage School) 11am-3pm 

7/15/2018   Arlington (Arlington Massage School) 11am-300pm 

7/22/2018   West Seattle (Nepenthe) 11am-3pm

7/29/2018  OLYMPIA Body Mechanics School  11am-3pm

8/25/2018  SEATTLE, 2pm-6pm 

9/8/2018      Richland - Touch Education Therapy 1pm-5pm

9/29/2018     Kent (Create) 11am-3pm

10/13/2018   Yakima (Facilities Conference Room) - 1-5pm

10/21/2018    Tumwater (BodyMechanics School Tumwater) 11am-3pm

10/28/2018    Bellevue (Bellevue Massage School) 11am-3pm

11/4/2018      Arlington (Arlington Massage School) 11am-3pm 

12/2/2018      Bellingham ( BELLINGHAM ALTERNATIVE LIBRARY)- 11am-3pm

12/9/2018     Everett (West by Northwest School of Massage) - 11am-3pm 


January 6, 2018 (Poulsbo, WA)  1pm-5pm 
                            **SPONSORED BY Massage Network Solutions (members should register with Massage Network Solutions)
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February 2, 2019 
(THIS CLASS IS NOT ETHICS --> CHABA & CANNABIS 101 (for WA LMTs & DOH Professionals) 
                                **SPONSORED BY pnwschool
                                Seattle (NW Academy for Healing Arts)  10am-2pm; CLICK "NON ETHICS CLASSto register for this NON ETHICS class 

February 10, 2019   Bellevue (Bellevue Massage School) 11am-3pm. Please REGISTER HERE to register this ETHICS class

March 10, 2019 - Tumwater - 11am-3pm  Please REGISTER HERE to register this ETHICS class

March 23 2019 - Port Angeles (First Presbyterian Church of Port Angeles) 10am-2pm.  Please REGISTER HERE for this ETHICS class

March 31, 2019 - Arlington (Arlington School of Massage) - 11am-3pm, Please REGISTER HERE for this ETHICS class

April 23 2019 - WENATCHEE 5pm-9pm -  Please REGISTER HERE for this ETHICS class

April 27 2019  Post Falls, Idaho (close to SPOKANE)

May 19, 2019 - RICHLAND (Touch Therapy Education) 1pm-5pm. Please REGISTER HERE for this ETHICS class.

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Making History!  First continuing education class on the subject of CHABA/Cannabis and massage in WA for LMT's. Meets WA requirements for ETHICS hours.  Big THANK YOU to Lavon Watson (Watson Consulting Services) for helping me get this class out to the public.  Another BIG THANK YOU to the co-authors of the CHABA law, CHABA producers and the Cannabis Community for all of their support and expertise.  I appreciate you all.  THANK YOU!


Do you have a group of people you would like me to teach my CHABA & Cannabis 101 class?  I'm open to any opportunities if we can coordinate it.  I've been approached by fellow LMTs, massage schools, massage networks, and people in the 502 industry (producer, processors, and retail stores).  Please contact me and I can customize my class to fit your needs.  Get the CORRECT information from the source!