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What do people who have taken my class say about class...

I have an evaluation form and ask for all to keep it real with any comments, and suggestions for my class.  Below are straight from my students evaluation forms....

***************************************** 2020 - REVAMPED 101 CLASS ******************************************** 
"All the info was super useful & helpful!  It was all great!" - Darin S

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge! This was a very interesting and informational class." - Antoinette J

"I learned a lot!  How to be legal using CHABA in massage. Helped me know where to begin as far as products." - Aliza W

"Getting historical background, understanding exactly what CHABA is, and having access to more resources. Info was fast paced, but easy to follow. Amazing amount of information, thank you!" - Mary H

"Great class! Thank you!" - Marcy K

"Appreciate your knowledge base! Glad I finally took your class!" - Cindy G

"Great information for our massage businesses and what is in our scope of practice for massage on our clients." - Colleen T

"Great information - Now I can go into the federal sector of work and informed with current laws and updates for the do's and don'ts of  hemp and cannabis." - Lesley B

"Honestly, very ignorant and 'closed' to this idea of using CHABA, but now I am interested in incorporating the products." - Missa P

"Really fun and informative. Looking forward to the 201 class" - Arin D

"The broad spectrum of information and products presented allowed me to gain a better understanding of what may work best for me personally as well with my clients. Understanding the differences helps make informed choices!" - Jenn M

"I'm loving the new 101 class. I feel like I have a better understanding." - Mayce W

"Thorough, and fantastic. Easy to understand information." - Lindsay B

"Loved all the information and products. There are so many options on the market, it was so nice to learn about trusted sources." - Ariana H

************************************************** 2019******************************************************

"I really liked Jen's style of presentation. Very easy to ask questions, make comments." - Debbie D

"Great class, very informative. By far the best ethics class I've taken!" - Dawn K

"Super thankful to you Jennifer for presenting CURRENT knowledge in the cannabis arena! Thank you for being so precise and a great presenter. I really enjoyed the presentation and will absolutely recommend this to class to my friends and or coworkers." - Brooke H

"So impressed how current the information presented is!  Up to date as of 1 day ago! Jen knows her shit! The intermittent funny comments kept things interesting and fun. The time flew by!" - DJ A

"I gained SO much more knowledge than I expected. Thank you!" - Jen W

"This class was very informative, but Jen made it all very digestible. I would gladly take the class again!" - Trisha L

"Wow you are super knowledgeable, and very very prepared.  I so appreciate your ease with  & use of technology. Thank you so much!" Katherine M

"This class was extremely helpful! Thank you!" - Lily B

"Loved your class - second time around ts JUST as good!" - Shelbi T

"Thank you for your real talk & presentation style. Great class!" - Danniell H

"Encouraging your 102. Love seeing you grow!" -Cherise H

"It was all very informative - I knew nothing prior, Excited to use in my practice!" - Jenny B

"You did great and was really helpful with all our questions!" - Gabi V

"This was an amazing class full of a large amount if information." - Connie B

"Thank you for the best ethics class I've taken!" - J Lemon

"Fantastic class - Thank you Jen!" - Regina O

"Love the humor you throw into your presentation" - Cassius

"Really enjoyed your candid and personal approach. Not like any other ethics class I've taken. I was awake and excited afterwards!"  Pamela L

"Thank you for your knowledge & stepping out & opening this up for ALL of us massage therapists. Was a fun ethics class!" - Jennifer H

"I love the positive way everything was presented." - Heidi W

"Thank you for making everything clear. I have some things to do now! LOL!" - Blanca M

"I just think it was great! You are a wealth of info!" - Marjorie J

"This class was very interesting & informative. I learned a lot of new information. I would highly recommend this class." - Marisa W

"Thank you for all you do to combat reefer madness. :) " - Aisha S

"Thanks for all the great info.  I feel confident to use and tell clients about the awesome tool & benefits to using it." - Sarah W

"Very much enjoyed the class. Jen and Lavon were great! The information has been so helpful!" - Brandy T

"Jen Chan was informative, relatable, and doing great things in educating about cannabis! Love it!!" - Soy F

"I appreciate the additional resources offered." - Cara B

"The class was fun and extremely informational. Straight to the point in the best way! I now have the understanding to safely move forward in my practice. " - Mayce T

"Thank you for taking the time to do this research and work and spread the information around CHABA." - Shannon E

"GREAT CLASS! Will wanna take again! Super stoked you talked about and brought some of the products out there, Definitely took the intimidation out of all the products out there." - Amanda

"Everything was confusing to be before this class.   I feel I have new knowledge to pass along." - Laura

"The whole subject is confusing. Jen made it easier to understand." - Stacey G

"You are a great instructor and gave a lot of information." - Jessica S

"You are a wonderful wealth of knowledge! Best class in a long time I've taken!" - Jessica M

"Glad that this class includes CEU for ethics as well, Brings ethics up to the next level. Super happy to finally have information for my clients." - Gretchen S

"Jen does an amazing job giving the class information on the laws regarding CHABA vs non-CHABA. Excellent info!" - Billie R

************************************************** 2018******************************************************

"Thank you, Jen! I absolutely loved your class yesterday, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us! My mother is a breast cancer survivor and suffers from both fibro and polymyalgia, so this is a subject very close to my heart. You definitely made two inclement weather ferry cancellations, a fussy toddler, and puppy-sitter cancellation WELL worth the trip over yesterday." -SH

" Thank you foe being a pioneer in this evolving industry! You are appreciated immensely." - Andrea S

" You were very real, down to earth and easy to understand.  The way you explained things were clear and concise." - Delana S

"I enjoyed the class overall, you make class enjoyable and also informative." - Nina H

"Yeah girl! Thanks for being a leader in the forefront of this." - Terra J

"Jen's class is very relaxed & easy to follow. She is passionate about helping LMT's understand the laws." - Daphne C

"Good flow of information, easy to  take in and remember. For all your admissions about teaching anxiety, you did a great job!" - Eric S

"Great class! This wasn't my first choice for ethics class, but really glad I ended up here. I learned a lot and it was enjoyable." - Mery N

"This class helped me educationally. My stigma and my lack of knowledge.  My judgement has been clouded." - Arlene N

"You were amazing! Great way to spend a Sunday! I will recommend it to others." - Candie

"Thank you! the back and forth conversations were wonderful and informative!" - Patty W

"Great class and very informative. I'm excited to start using CHABA products in my practice!" - Jen M

"Thank you so much for offering this class.  So helpful in  understanding the guidelines of 502 and incorporating in my practice." - KC

"This class is very helpful as I know nothing about cannabis or CHABA - my clients have asked about it and now I feel better informed." - Teresa

"I truly feel this class was well put together. Jen is very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic. Worth the trip from Spokane!" - Shawn S (took class in Tumwater)

" I love getting knowledgeable enough to inform my clients that turns them into advocates as well." - Nina D

" I feel like I got the information I need to fell comfortable incorporating CHABA into my practice.  I know if I have questions I have resources available to get answers." - Melissa M

"Overall very informative class. Have obtained a clear understanding of the product, its benefits, uses, results, and properties. Feel very confident incorporating in my business/service." - Kalena S

"Really really happy to be a part of history! This movement is going to change the world!" - Kaylee M

"Enjoyed the class & feel more comfortable with using CHABA in my business." - Victoria B

"Thank you for being so energetic and engaging.  Ive never had so much fun during a CE class!" - Clarissa C

"You are making a difference - thank you for being at the right pace at the timely moment." - Scot A

"What a fun day! Excellent work!  I am so glad Jen is doing what she is doing! You are keeping a ver professional image of LMT's. Bless you for that!" - Rena R

"Great experience, great instructor. In depth knowledge of subject. Overall 10 STAR experience!" -Jonathan B

"Very informative. Thanks for keeping it updated and current." - Stephanie U

"Completely worth my time on a super sunny sunday!" - Brenda S

************************************************* 2017*******************************************************

"Great class!!! I Love it. Learned a lot Thanks!" -Amy D

"I did not know anything about CHABA so it was all great. I am sold on it now!" – Nancy H

"Clarification of what CHABA is and its use. Thanks for bringing in oils for us to see and use." -Juliene N

"Jen spending the time dealing with the states laws regarding this topic is amazing. So informative!" – Rose N

"I learned more than I imagined and am excited about the use of CHABA in the massage industry.  Jennifer is an informative, knowledgeable, and approachable instructor." -Angela S

"Great info, clearly expert knowledge of the subject." -Elizabet W.

"I enjoyed the science part of everything.  I’m always curious about hoe THC.CBD interacts with the brain and body.  I like the way Jen talks. She seems really chill and easy to talk too." -Brianna L

"I knew nothing about this topic. This class was so informative.  I have benefited greatly from taking this class.  I appreciate Jennifer’s knowledge and hard work she has out into this for all of our fellow therapists."  -Laura S

"Great class! I benefited the most from the open dialogue in the class." -Patti H

"Thank you so much for having this class and educating the LMT world. Thanks for letting us sample your supplies!!!" -Laura J

"Thank you so much for all the info and for providing the tools to education our clients." – Myrna L

"Jen is a very informative teacher of the laws of CHABA.  She is approachable and makes the class fun.  It wasn’t just sitting and listening; we were actually involved. Great class!!" – Whitney B

"Loved this course, very informative!" -Nellie P

"SUPER INFORMATIVE!! I feel so much more informed about the topic!" -Jen W

"Loved the class as well as the effect of the lotions on my hands. Look forward to adding to my service and bringing this to my clients."

-Shelley M

"Super helpful!" -Carol B

"Jen is very approachable and informative – really glad I took this class!" -Carrie W

"This was a fun class!"-Sam U.

"Great instructor. Very personable and funny. This is my first CE and I was not disappointed or bored at all. Ethics and all the new laws made both informative and entertaining." -Kathleen T

"Love Jen’s humility and passion!!"! -Jay N

"Thank you for the great info! The info and education was so useful. I can’t wait to spread the word!" -Holli P

"Great class! Lots of knowledge, very real. I benefited the most from hearing the difference of THC, CBD, CHABA. And being able to test some products!" -Renee K

"I chose this class because of my research on Jen and her involvement in the field.  Jen was very interesting to listen to and she engages with the class very well. Very knowledgeable and personable.  Even if she didn’t know something she suggested resources."-Keighli D

"This class was so informative and Jen’s comprehensive knowledge if the laws and products was fascinating! Great class!!" – Laura N

"I liked the class overall. Pictures/graphs were great to see. Liked the handouts and products to try out. I liked her down to earth personality and openness to share her knowledge and all research she’s done." -Andrea N

"Very engaging speaker, knowledgeable. Down to earth. I now feel confident knowing the laws, what I can and cant do with my clients." -Kinya J

"Really liked the level of detail and thorough explanations." -Allyson M

"I liked the openness, experience, and honesty about the topic.  Really liked all of the charts in the back of her handout. She took questions patiently and completely." -Kira S

"I liked the idea of knowing we could ask anything re: cannabis vs CHABA and get answers. Very good course." -Tracey N

"The overall education was great! Also understanding the laws relating to our scope of practice with cannabis and adding the additional resources and links to help me learn more benefited me the most from class." -Connie L

"Jen’s class is extremely helpful and informative." -Amber M

"I liked Jen’s expertise. Feeling that I’m empowered and more knowledgeable about the subject and can talk to my clients is the best!" -Jill C

"I liked Jen’s enthusiasm and expertise!" -Ann J

"I liked that Jen was so upbeat and willing to admit when she didn’t have the answer." -Jose C


"Easily understood, information fully explained. Jen was funny and easy to relate to.  I would highly (no pun intended) recommend Jennifer’s class!" -Lacey M

"I’m very grateful to have the info I need to now inform my clients and help further the green advocacy!" -Nita D

"I have no previous experience with CHABA or anything in the cannabis family, so I had a fear about using it. Now I feel informed and educated and excited to explore it further personally and in my massage practice!" -Jessica K

"I loved this class and would look forward to taking more classes about CHABA. I learned so much about CHABA and cannabis with massage." -Kristina S

"You’re awesome!! Real, fun personality! Thank you for being honest and sharing your stories." -Pelar H

"I like Jen’s direct non BS approach." -Christina W

"Yhis is one of the best classes I’ve ever taken! You are funny and make the class so much fun!" -Danielle R

" loved this class, thank you!"-Laurel M

"Thank you for offering this! It was very informative and helpful!" -Angela C

"This class was so much more informative than I thought it would be, and covered so much material!" -Kendra W

"This might be 101, but Jen is amazingly knowledgeable!" -Alisia H