Jen Chan, Licensed Massage Therapist, BCTMB

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This page is focused on topicals and body care products produced from the INDUSTRIAL HEMP side of Cannabis Sativa L. Unless the product states its CBD only, there maybe minut traces of other cannabinoids in hemp topicals and body care.  Below are a few companies out there with products many LMTs have enjoyed and have been super reputable .  I highly recommend them all.  

Jerry Whiting, is the President of LeBlanc CNE and produces a beautiful hemp massage oil many LMT's love to use in their practice. The oil is VEGAN friendly. Please go to LEBLANC CNE's website and contact them to place an order. Listen to one of his very informative podcasts too!  Jerry works closely with Project CBD, an excellent free source of reliable information on CBD (& they do not sell any products) 

Company bio:

Founded in 2012 in Seattle, LeBlanc CNE focuses on cannabis & hemp genetics, formulations & product development, research & education. We specialize in CBD-rich cannabis & hemp and vintage heirloom landraces strains of cannabis sativa l. We support organic, sustainable cultivation and permaculture practices including advanced composting techniques. Listen to The LeBlanc CNE Podcast to keep up to date on cannabis and hemp news, learn from experts and gain valuable insights into current trends and future directions.  

Empower Topicals can be found in both Oregon and Washington.  Their company was around before legalization and still holds its reputation high.  The black label is where Empower came to fame winning best topical company at the Dope Industry Awards 2016, again at the Dope Industry Awards 2017, and King Canna Cup 2018 - Best Topical: Topical Relief Lotion.  Their white label is their hemp/CBD only product line of massage oils, lotions, and epsom salt soaks.  Check out EMPOWER's website and  get 10% OFF using the code: JenChan10  

Company bio:

At Empower, our mission is to provide high quality, plant-based complementary options to conventional treatment methods.  When our founder's mother was diagnosed with debilitating arthritis, she developed Empower® Topical Relief Oil to help her mother maintain healthy joint flexibility.* 

Infused with hemp extract cultivated using natural and sustainable methods, our products are non-GMO, vegan-friendly and non-intoxicating; you cannot get “high” from them.