Jen Chan, Licensed Massage Therapist, BCTMB

NCBTMB: 545852-07  AMBP: 1336319   
VA: 0019007149  WA: MA60324770

*OUTCALLS ONLY - Prices listed are for WA & VA
(Travel fee of $20-50 will be added depending on distance and time of appointment.)

Massage w/ CHABA upon request only in WA state - $10 added charg

Appointments between 9pm-8am have an added $100 charge 

Veterans and non-profits receive 15% off massage therapy!

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Prenatal/Postnatal Massage

$100/60 min, $150/90 min

Prenatal massage uses specific techniques that can reduce discomforts of pregnancy as well as enhance the physiological and emotional well-being of both mother and fetus. Massage offers a safe, all-natural method of relief for common complaints including: fatigue, headaches, lower back pain, neck/shoulder tension, swelling of the extremities, loss of range motion, and mood swings. It can also increase circulation, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress on weight-bearing joints. Massage assists with shorter, easier labor for expectant mothers. Depending on how far along the client is, this type of massage can be done using pillows (for comfort when lying on her stomach) or, more often, in a side lying position. Massage can be helpful during the pregnancy and the postpartum period. While it can be provided throughout the pregnancy, some may recommend waiting until the second trimester before receiving massage. I've had many women come to my table during their first trimester without any issues, but I'm not a doctor. In my personal opinion, massage is safe  if provided by a therapist with advanced prenatal training. As of this writing, I am unaware of any research stating that it is not safe. I recommend consulting with your doctor prior to receiving a prenatal massage.


"Best massage therapist I ever had. Relaxing, gets the kinks out and am not left in pain. Me and the East Coast are going to miss her. "      - Tracy

"Jen is an outstanding Massage Therapist and I was with her for a number of years. Now that she is in Seattle I only see her sometimes when Jen makes it back to VA for a Massage. "  -Paul

"Jen is an excellent massage therapist who also provides stretching advice that greatly improves problem areas. I have yet to find a therapist on the east coast nearly as good since she moved west. " 

- Chip

"We met Jen through a referral from a fitness coach in our area. She helped my husband immensely and immeasurably during his illnesses, and found time to administer to me, the caregiver, too. She went the extra mile for us, always coming when we needed her, even making plans to be here on short notice when she was out of town. She is an excellent massage therapist, soothing my husband's aching body, and educating herself in his special needs. Her work ethic is excellent and she went out of her way to accommodate us in many ways. I can't recommend her highly enough. Through it all, we became friends and keep in touch to this day. I am thankful and lucky that we have had her in our lives." - Karen

"Jen is a fantastic massage therapist. I only wish she was closer because every therapist I've seen since Jen, fails in comparison. "      - Molly